First Semester-ND | Computer Science

This course introduces you to basic notions in Computer Science and computing. It covers topics such as the development of history of computers and computing; the characteristics of computer systems; the organisation of a computer system; the Von Neumann architecture, the history of the Internet; basic software applications. It is designed for learners with little or no experience in computer use.

Course Prerequisites

This course has no prerequisites; it is a first-year course.

Course Learning Resources

Aronu D. I. (1998), “Computer operation and application”, Ola Jamon Prints and Publishers, Kaduna.

Montclair State University (2016) ‘Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016’, Lecture Note, pp. 1–8.

Spring (2000) ‘Introduction to Microsoft Word 2000’, Word Handout, (June 1999), pp. 1–10.

Course Outcome

On completion of this course, the students should be able to

1. Understand the history, classification and impact of computers.

2. Discuss the concept of computer hardware

3. Discuss the concept of computer software.

4. Explain computer data processing systems.

5 Illustrate the procedures for computer and data preparation method.

6. Analyse security and safety procedures within a computer environment.

7. Understand the concept of a computer network

8. Understand the use of the internet.

Activities to meet Course Objectives

The Course Material is written in a simple, clear and concise manner that will assist and enable you to understand this course very well. Digital Electronics is an area where many people want to study because it is multidisciplinary in nature and it cut across so many disciplines in engineering and Computer Science. Relevant sites and standard references have been provided for you. There will be individual assignments and group assignments. All assignments are due at the times slated. No late assignment will be entertained or accepted from you and hence, be very serious with your study. Completion and timely submission of assignments will also serve as part of your assessment. You are expected to read this course material thoroughly and understand very well. Thank you and God bless.

Course Currilcum

    • Session 1: History of Computer Unlimited
    • Session 2 Classification of Computers Unlimited
    • Session 1: Elements of The Computer system Unlimited
    • Session 2: The Central Processing Unit And Auxiliary Memory Unlimited
    • Session 1: Software and its Types Unlimited
    • Session 1: Data Processing techniques Unlimited
    • Session 2: Data Preparation Methods Unlimited
    • Session 1: Concept of Computer Security Unlimited
    • Session 2: Malware Infections, Data Control Techniques And Computer Ergonomics Unlimited
    • Session 1: Computer Networks Unlimited
    • Session 2: Types of Computer Networks Unlimited
    • Session 1: The Internet and its Resources Unlimited
    • Session 2: Electronic Mail and Cloud Computing Unlimited

Course Instructors

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